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OZVP – Healthcare Real Estate

OZVP, an independent healthcare real estate partner, expects a further improvement of the Dutch healthcare real estate market. The national healthcare costs  continue to be under pressure and  the amount of Dutch people ageing keeps on growing. This combined will result in a higher demand for qualitative healthcare real estate. In addition, the investment climate is changing and domestic and international real estate investors have increasing interest in health care real estate.

Due to the changing market conditions for healthcare and real estate, OZVP experiences more separation between exploitation and ownership of health care properties. Momentarily most real estate is owned by the healthcare organizations themselves or is included on the balance sheets of housing corporations. OZVP thinks  healthcare real estate is a full investment category and focusses primarily on the healthcare real estate market in the broadest sense.

OZVP signals more commercial (private) initiatives from healthcare operators, whereby the healthcare concept and its operating financial model has worked well. OZVP can be engaged as a confidential partner for the healthcare operator to adapt further growth. OZVP can also initiate, manage and taken the burden away of healthcare real estate and act as real estate partner for healthcare operators, housing corporations and investors, both the buy and sell side.

Through years of experience as a real estate investor, strategist and entrepreneurial, OZVP knows how to act as an investor as well as the entrepreneur. OZVP can provide services in strategy and consultancy, transaction management and portfolio management.

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Strategy and Consultancy

Healthcare operators increasingly have to deal with complicated strategic healthcare real estate case studies. As a real estate partner we prepare analyses and transform those to scenarios and strategies.

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Transaction Management

Are you thinking of buying or selling your healthcare real estate? OZVP can be engaged  to guide  the transaction exclusively  by using its network or make the best possible deal for you in consultation with your dedicated advisor.

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Portfolio Management

Are you thinking of building a diversified Dutch healthcare real estate portfolio? Or are you seeking an asset or property manager for your Dutch healthcare real estate portfolio? OZVP can be engaged to act as your partner. 

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